HydroGeoSphere Language Grammar

Syntax highlighting is now available for Grok input files! Dr. Claus Haslauer from the University of Tübingen created the syntax highlighting functionality. Claus' highlighting functionality works on both TextMate and SublimeText editors (OSX and Windows machines) and the features include:

  • "Skip on" and "Skip off" is greyed out.
  • "Problem description" at the beginning is greyed out.
  • "!" are greyed out (as comments).
  • Input files are coloured.
  • Numbers are highlighted.
  • Domain names (porous medium, surface, etc.) are highlighted.
  • Keywords ('end', 'clear', 'choose') are highlighted.

To find out more information on the Syntax Highlighting please visit Claus' github page.

HGS Parallelization - Best Practices

Fully-integrated hydrologic simulations, such as those performed with HydroGeoSphere, involve highly nonlinear processes, and thus the computational efficiency of the model becomes a critical issue for those performing hydrologic simulations. HGS was parallelized by Hwang et al., 2014 to over come this challenge.

The post summarizes how to setup a parallel HGS simulation, as well as some general best practices for running a parallel simulation.