HGS Publications 2017

Ala-aho, P., Soulsby, C., Wang, H., & Tetzlaff, D. (2017). Integrated surface-subsurface model to investigate the role of groundwater in headwater catchment runoff generation: A minimalist approach to parameterisation. Journal of Hydrology547, 664-677.

Bockhorn, B., Klint, K. E. S., Locatelli, L., Park, Y. J., Binning, P. J., Sudicky, E., & Bergen Jensen, M. (2017). Factors affecting the hydraulic performance of infiltration based SUDS in clay. Urban Water Journal14(2), 125-133.

Caíno-Lores, S., Lapin, A., Kropf, P., & Carretero, J. (2017). Lessons Learned from Applying Big Data Paradigms to a Large Scale Scientific Workflow.

Partington, D., Therrien, R., Simmons, C. T., & Brunner, P. (2017). Blueprint for a coupled model of sedimentology, hydrology and hydrogeology in streambeds. Reviews of Geophysics.

Ghasemizade, M., Baroni, G., Abbaspour, K., & Schirmer, M. (2017). Combined analysis of time-varying sensitivity and identifiability indices to diagnose the response of a complex environmental model. Environmental Modelling & Software88, 22-34.


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