Managing water resources with advanced computer simulation. Aquanty releases a new version of HydroGeoSphere, HGS2013. Modelling water resource challenges. Assessing the impacts of climate change on our water resources.


Aquanty’s business is all about water, our most valuable life resource. Our scientists and cutting edge simulation technology provide risk and uncertainty analyses of manmade and natural changes to sensitive water ecosystems.



We provide cutting edge hydrogeological computer modelling services across a broad base of industrial sectors. Our flagship platform, HydroGeoSphere, is a class leader in fully-integrated three-dimensional surface/subsurface modelling.


The Ontario’s Ministry of Research and Innovation website highlighted Aquanty’s work

HGS 2013

Aquanty releases a new version of HydroGeoSphere, HGS2013


Professor Ed Sudicky, speaks at IBM Canada’s R&D Centre
One Year Anniversary