Welcome to the new Aquanty.com

In an effort to increase the usability of Aquanty.com, we have recently move from Wordpress to Squarespace, an easy to use and maintain web development service. Much of the content from our old website has been moved to the new site, and we plan to continue expanding this site in the future. As this is a new site we apologize if there are any typos or dead links; should you find any please contact us.

The biggest change you will notice with the new site is the presence of this blog which we will use as a means of rapidly communicating new developments and updates with our user base. We are also looking for researchers/users interested in making contributions to this blog. Topics may include but are not limited to: research highlights, HGS tips-and-tricks, general hydrologic modelling discussion, and news and events relevant to the hydrologic modelling community. Please contact us with your topic idea prior to writing and submitting the blog post so we can make sure it aligns with the focus of the blog.