Featured HGS Publications

Therrien, R., & Sudicky, E. A. (1996). Three-dimensional analysis of variably-saturated flow and solute transport in discretely-fractured porous media. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 23(1), 1-44.

Sudicky, E. A., Jones, J. P., Park, Y. J., Brookfield, A. E., & Colautti, D. (2008). Simulating complex flow and transport dynamics in an integrated surface-subsurface modeling framework. Geosciences Journal, 12(2), 107-122.

Brookfield, A. E., Sudicky, E. A., Park, Y. J., & Conant, B. (2009). Thermal transport modelling in a fully integrated surface/subsurface framework. Hydrological processes, 23(15), 2150-2164.

Park, Y. J., Sudicky, E. A., Brookfield, A. E., & Jones, J. P. (2011). Hydrologic response of catchments to precipitation: quantification of mechanical carriers and origins of water. Water Resources Research, 47(12).

Brunner, P., & Simmons, C. T. (2012). HydroGeoSphere: a fully integrated, physically based hydrological model. Groundwater, 50(2), 170-176.

Hwang, H. T., Park, Y. J., Sudicky, E. A., & Forsyth, P. A. (2014). A parallel computational framework to solve flow and transport in integrated surface–subsurface hydrologic systems. Environmental Modelling & Software, 61, 39-58.

Maxwell, R. M., Putti, M., Meyerhoff, S., Delfs, J. O., Ferguson, I. M., Ivanov, V., ... & Sulis, M. (2014). Surface‐subsurface model intercomparison: A first set of benchmark results to diagnose integrated hydrology and feedbacks. Water Resources Research, 50(2), 1531-1549.

 Kollet, S., Sulis, M., Maxwell, R. M., Paniconi, C., Putti, M., Bertoldi, G., ... & Mouche, E. (2017). The integrated hydrologic model intercomparison project, IH‐MIP2: A second set of benchmark results to diagnose integrated hydrology and feedbacksWater Resources Research53(1), 867-890.

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