Robert E.J. Leech - Director

Bob Leech was born and raised in the English midlands. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Birmingham (Aston), U.K. (1970) and a Master of Engineering Science degree from the University of New South Wales, Australia (1978). Bob has worked as a hydrogeologist in Australia, Europe, Middle East, and North America. Bob and his family came to Canada in 1979 and he worked for Gartner Lee Limited becoming chairman before merging the firm with AECOM Canada Ltd.

Throughout his career, Bob has managed many different scientific, engineering and geological projects. These include regional water resource evaluation projects in arid zones, detailed contaminant studies at industrial sites, and large nuclear and solid waste management undertakings. He has published numerous papers on varying topics, particularly pertaining to water resource investigations and radioactive waste management evaluations in fractured rock terrains.

Bob Leech has served his profession through various professional associations. He has been president of the Canadian Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists, a member of the Geoscience Council of Canada, and a director of the Canadian Geotechnical Society and the Association of Geoscientists of Ontario. He has also served on a number of academic research and review committees.