Changes to HGS Licensing and Distribution

We have recently changed the name of our HydroGeoSphere distribution from HGS 2013 to HGS Premium. With this comes a number of other changes that we believe will better suit our user’s needs. Some of the major changes include:

Regular Releases

HGS Premium will include monthly software releases that contain any new features or bug fixes addressed during the previous month. Monthly downloads can be found here. Feature and bug fixes corresponding to each months release can be found here.

Note: Moving to a monthly release schedule required the modification to the license file. If you are downloading and installing a version of HGS after August 2015 please contact to obtain an updated license file.

Bug Reporting Framework

To make it easier to report bugs, we have created a Bug Report Form which can be used to report bugs. If you have a bug to report download the form here and send it to Each reported bug will be reviewed and prioritized.

Technical Support

Beyond bug fixes we also offer a variety of technical support services including:

·         Conceptual model review

·         Model setup review

·         Model tuning and optimization

·         Custom code development

·         Output interpretation support

If you are interested in any of these services please contact for more information

Manual Reorganization

To make the HGS User Manual easier to read and use, it has been separated into 2 parts:

·         Theory – HGS User Manual (HydroGeoSphere/docs/manual/hydrosphere_user.pdf)

·         Grok Instructions – HGS Reference Manual (HydroGeoSphere/docs/manual/hydrosphere_ref.pdf)


HGS Utility

Since many of our users use a variety of third party tools to build and develop meshes, we have created a utility that translates a variety of mesh formats into the HGS format, which can be modified by GridBuilder. Additionally functionality such as mesh information and zone selection reporting is also included.

This product will continue to be updated over time. The current beta release of the HGS Utility includes:

  • .fem to HGS(i.e., FeFlow or Leapfrog generated 3D meshes)
  • .ah2 to HGS (i.e., AlgoMesh)

The HGS Utility can be downloaded here.