AlgoMesh Version 1.2 Released with Increased Functionality for HydroGeoSphere

HydroAlgorithmics has released a new version of their mesh generator, AlgoMesh with enhanced functionality for HydroGeoSphere..The full release notice can be found here, and is reproduced below.


Version 1.2 of AlgoMesh has now been released. All existing AlgoMesh users with a version 1 AlgoMesh licence may upgrade to this version free of charge; please HydroAlgorithmics for details.

In addition to a number of bug fixes, this version incorporates comprehensive new selection functionality for triangular nodes, triangular elements and Voronoi cells. Selections may be made within polygons, along polyline paths or manually in the main view. You can save and load selections to and from a number of different file formats.

The new selection functionality is particularly useful for HydroGeoSphere modelers, as it allows appropriate node and element sets to be selected easily and saved to binary nchos and echos formats for inclusion as boundary conditions in HGS models.

For a detailed list of changes in version 1.2 and previous versions, please see the release notes. Refer to the revised AlgoMesh User Guide for version 1.2 for information on how to use the new selection functionality.