Post-doctoral research opportunity in quantitative hydrologic science

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Assiniboine River Basin – Land use change impact assessment

Research Opportunity

The successful candidate for this position will spearhead a high-resolution modeling analysis of land-use change influences on the hydrologic characteristics of the Assiniboine River Basin, with specific focus on flood and drought resiliency. As part of the larger Assiniboine River Basin team at Aquanty, the candidate will also be engaged with various aspects of HydroGeoSphere model construction and application, and will receive extensive hands-on training in fully-integrated hydrologic modeling.

Collaborative Opportunity

In addition to the Aquanty team, the candidate will also be closely engaged with a number of collaborating research groups, watershed stakeholders, and government agencies; including Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association, Assiniboine River Basin Initiative, Brandon University, IBM Canada, and Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives. As such, this is an excellent opportunity for an early career scientist with research interests that encompass elements of hydrologic modeling, prairie hydrology, land use change, and extreme weather, to develop a network of collaborators in the heart of the Canadian Prairies.

Desired Skill Set

The ideal candidate will have strong communication skills, the ability to work effectively both independently and as part of a team, a hydrology background with previous exposure to hydrologic modeling, proficiency with GIS, and some knowledge of crop and soil sciences. However, because of the scientific breadth of the project team, there is leeway to tailor this position to the particular strengths and interests of the right candidate.

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