Post-doctoral research opportunity in quantitative hydrologic science

Assiniboine River Basin – Land use change impact assessment

The successful candidate for this position will spearhead a high-resolution modeling analysis of land-use change influences on the hydrologic characteristics of the Assiniboine River Basin, with specific focus on flood and drought resiliency. As part of the larger Assiniboine River Basin team at Aquanty......

HGS Research Highlight - Dual permeability modeling of tile drain management influences on hydrology and nutrient transport in macroporous soil

This post features a recent study by Frey et al., 2016 who used 2-dimensional dual permeability HydroGeoSphere models to simulate the flow and transport of liquid swine manure and rhodamine tracer application on a macroporous clay loam under controlled (CD) and free drainage (FD) tile management.